Globe plans to deploy LTE 700 Megahertz (MHz) to 1,800 sites as part of its commitment to improve the mobile internet in the country. Globe President said that new LTE will be deployed mainly in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao, where the major customers using LTE are located.


There were 500 sites deployed last year and as per Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu the plan is to cover 95% of cities and municipalities in the country within 3 years. At the same time Globe is increasing capacities for 1,000 sites using the 2600 MHz band. Globe has recently announced deploying 2 million home broadband by 2020 and its expected speed of 10Mbps. In addition to that there is a plan of 88% price reduction of Telco broadband services within next 4 years.

Source: GLOBE