Kudos to Samsung, as the brand iterates perfectly on an already award-winning smartphone, adding an excellent camera and brilliant design. The screen is larger, but somehow the phone doesn’t feel too much bigger in the hand. The rear of the phone is curved, making it sit nicely in the hand. There’s a microSD card slot and of course it’s waterproof. There is so much power in there and the battery is boosted massively too giving you a handset that’s able to last over 24 hours between charges.

Size: Dimensions – 2.85″ x 5.94″ x 0.30″
Weight: 157g
Camera Front: CMOS 5MP
Camera Rear: Dual Pixel 12.0 MP
Battery: Galaxy S7 edge: 3600 mAh
Storage: MicroSD (Up to 256GB)
OS: Marshmallow OS, Android 6.0
Processor: 2.15GHz, 1.6GHz, Quad-Core
Video Playing Resolution: UHD 4K
Water-resistant: Up to 30 min in 5 feet of water


As soon as you pick up the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you know you are holding a superior phone. Once you will past the cost element, you’ve got a phone that you’ll find hard to put down. Whether it’s just rolling the refined chassis around in the hand, taking pictures that look great nine times out of 10, or just enjoying the clarity and sharpness of the screen, the Galaxy S7 Edge manages to delight, and stand out in a world where new smartphones are increasingly being offered with razor-thin differences between them.

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If you’re looking for a well-designed, powerful phone that actually packs some useful day-to-day features, the Galaxy S7 Edge is the one to go for.